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Ziplines at a Glance

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* There are now 2 more Zipline courses on Maui not mentioned here yet as we have not tried their courses yet. We do have all their information and photos. 

Next to Maui Luaus and Snorkel excursions to Molokini, Maui Zipline tours are the most popular tours on Maui. Expect most Zipline companies to be sold out well in advance, especially Kapalua & Kaanapali. *mostly because there are more people staying on that side of the Maui.
When making your choice be very careful about your weights. Children under 80# will need to go with Piiholo Canopy flights, Kapalua or Maui Zipline @ the Maui Tropical Plantation as these companies start @ 60#-250#

Both Kaanapali Zipline & Kapalua Ziplines have the BEST views with PANORAMIC OCEAN VIEWS almost the whole time! They both used to include either a nice breakfast or lunch, again with those panoramic ocean views, however Kaanapali has discontinued the lunch, instead giving you a snack 'bar'. * I live here and I could still could not get over the views :-)

Kapalua Ziplines has a total of 7 Zips, with 2 people going side by side; which makes it easy to take photos & video of your friends & family zipping along side of you. $199.00 for 7 Ziplines. Kapalua Ziplines also has a giant swing and challenge towers for the more adventurous.*the 7 line Zipline course has a really great suspension bridge as well as zipline #3, the longest Zipline they have and we were doing about 40-45 miles an hour; again with that fabulous ocean view!
Athena ready to Zip @ Piiholo

Piiholo Ziplines:
The Baldwin Ranch is on the slopes of Haleakala in what we call "Up Country" next to the cowboy town of Makawao. Piiholos claim to fame is their 2800 ft Zipline! Zipping 2 at a time side by side, the 4 line goes from the 480ft trainer to 1,065 ft line. $140.00 while with the 5 line you get a 1420 ft zipline as well as the grand finale @ 2800 ft! $190.00 

Canopy Tours @ Piiholo
 Piiholo now offers Zipline & Tree Top Canopy Flights! So far they are the only tree top canopy tour on Maui. Cindy went and did this one and had a great time. You are in the tree tops the entire time & do not touch the ground during the whole course.  There are up to 9 Zip lines and 4 suspension bridges taking you from tree to tree. All Tours include the 1,000 ft zip line. $89.99-165.00

Haleakala Ziplines is the original Zipline Company in Hawaii. They were sold out Months in advance until the other ziplines were built. Now they are the easier to get into as they are the smallest course (soon to be revamped we hear). Still a popular Zipline, Haleakala combines a short hike through a towering forest, an "Indiana Jones" style swinging bridge, and five amazing ziplines all for only $119.00

Cindy & Lonny Canopy tours
Maui Ziplines is centrally located at the Maui Tropical Plantation and is great one for families as their weight requirements are only 50# - 250 #, children need to be at least 5 years old.
Enjoy a thrilling adventure soaring over the beautiful Maui Tropical Plantation. Zip over a lush landscape, swaying palms and savor the majestic views of the valley island. With five side-by-side ziplines, ranging from 300 to 900 feet, with a refreshment stop at a Tree house where you will get a bird's eye view of the spectacular Haleakala volcano, the picturesque West Maui mountains and the rugged coastlines. Family & friends that do not want to zip are free to enjoy the beautiful grounds of the Maui Tropical Plantation and they will be able to observe all of the ziplines from the lagoon area. * after ziplining the kids can feed the ducks, there is even a duck feeder with food. If you go between 11-2 there is even a "Uncle Willy's BBQ" available.  $110.00

If you make your reservations ahead of your arrival on Maui, you can pick and choose the Maui Zip line company you prefer; however if you are like most you will simply get what's available when you arrive. If you have the time to choose a company, 1 of the things I point out is the harness itself. Some people really like the comfort of the full harnesses like with Piiholo & Kapalua (same builders by the way) vs the harness used on Haleakala & Kaanapali, however with this type of harness you have more control over what you are doing as you zip across the canyons. The younger more adventurous crowd loves the Kaanapali Ziplines because of the 8 Ziplines and the harness; not to mention lunch & views. 

Tree Top Suspension Bridge
1 of the frequently asked questions we get is how high off the ground are you? The answer is different for each line, however expect 20ft + high. Most people scared of heights do not notice the height as you are not really looking down-but out towards the view or to your destination.

Please be aware of each Maui Ziplines companies Safety requirements and policies. They are VERY STRICT on weights and most will weigh you at check in.

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  1. We stayed at Sugar Beach Resort last month and the girls at Maui Sights & Treasures in the office there were great! They hooked us up with the newest zip line. 9 Line zip lines and 4 swinging bridges! Once you take the first bridge you are going from tree to tree the whole time!!!!!! What a blast and we never stepped foot on the ground until the end.

    Best of all we were able to take our 8 year old son (they have to weight 60 lbs) It was a great family outing and our son was thrilled! Be sure to bring tennis shoes though, we had to go buy some as we only brought our sandals. Highly recommend this one for everyone, you don't even have to be brave!