Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Nothing like going to the spa after a day of Ziplines

Spa Grande was voted the #1 Spa in Hawaii

Relax in the Hydrotherapy Terme' and experience Spa Grande's 5 Hawaiian Sea Salt Baths. 

Sweat it out in the Sauna and Steam Room before enjoying the benefits of a Honey-Mango Exfoliation Scrub.

Choose from a single or Couples massage package or indulge in an organic facial, utilizing all the latest and natural products here in Hawaii. 

Couples or singles massage thereapies

$149.99 Singles or $299.99 per Couple. Save $35.00 per person or $70.00 per Couple! 

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Maui Jungle Zipline Summer Special

Maui Jungle Zipline 2015 Summer Special for families

Maui has a new tree top canopy zipline tour, Twin Falls Ziplines. Call 808-879-6260 for Maui Zipline Tickets and Reservations.

We have sent several clients out to Twin Falls ziplines and everyone is coming back very happy!

New for 2015: the 7 Line Jungle Zipline now has 2 Swinging Bridges along their Zipline Course.
Swinging Bridge at Jungle Ziplines on Maui
TwinFalls Jungle Zipline now offers 3 different tours to choose from: 
  • 4 separate Maui zip lines for $99.00 *new for 2015 Discounted Maui Zipline Tickets :$89.00
  • 5 separate Zip lines for $109.00
  • 7 Ziplines  for$133.00 * Discounted Adult Maui Zipline Tickets are now $119.00 and families will now save 50% with discounted Zipline Tickets for children under the age of 13.  Now for a limited time only $59.50!
Call us direct at 808-879-6260 for Tickets!
Maui's Twin Falls Jungle Ziplines is located only 35 minutes from the main Maui Airport (OGG), along the Hana Hwy.
Summer Special Maui Zipline Tickets

Feel the adventure of zipping through the tree tops in a Jungle atmosphere with lots of tropical Flowers, and Ocean Views; then take the family over to Twin Falls and go for a waterfall swim!

Twin Falls Fruit Stand and park like setting is popular for visitors of all ages.  The pathway to the waterfalls are wide and easy to traverse. Buy Banana Bread and a Fresh Fruit Smoothie and let the kids try the FRESH Coconut Milk straight from a Coconut.

Fresh Coconuts and Coconut Milk
Baby Coconuts growing from Coconuts that fall on the ground
Twin Falls Fruit Stand is one of the few Maui Fruit Stands that has a machine to make Sugar Cane Juice from the Sugar Cane stalks!

Twin Falls next to Jungle ziplines on Maui-Athena Walsh
Torch Ginger at Twin Falls 
Allow 1.5-2.5 hours for your Maui Zipline Adventure at Twin Falls Jungle Ziplines, plus an extra half hour for the checking in process.

All Zippers must be at least 8 Years old and weigh in at least 60 pounds and max out at 250 pounds.

Snacks and Beverages are now included on all Twin Falls Jungle zipline Tours. 

Awapuhi Ginger at Twin Falls
Awapui Ginger at Twin Falls
Pretty Flowers at Twin Falls

Bamboo Twin Falls Maui
Call us direct at 808-879-6260 for information, reservations and Tickets for Maui Zip Line Tours.

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Zipline Discounts for Maui's Best Ziplines

The Holiday and Winter "High" Season is fast approaching and we would like to offer everyone $10.00 off per person!

Call Today 808-879-6260

We offer discounted tickets for Maui's best zipline companies. Discounted family friendly ziplines start at $99.99...

According to Trip Advisor, Maui Zipline Tours are 1 of the top Tours in Hawaii! Here on Maui we have a good 10 Companies to choose from with multiple tours sometimes for each Hawaiian Zipline.
1 of Maui's most popular family zipline; 50-250#

Discounts on Maui Hawaiian Zipline tours include: Skyline Zipline Tours; one of our favorites! You can choose either Haleakala or Kaanapali location. At Kaanapali Ziplines....$139/$149/$179 before the Maui Zipline Discounts, you have panoramic ocean views and 9 Ziplines. The Kaanapali Zip and Zip is the 1 of the newest Hawaiian Ziplines on Maui.

Ocean Views

While over at Haleakala Ziplines... $119.00 before our Maui Zipline Discount; Skyline tours now has 5 seperate ziplines and the new Sunrise Bike Tour and Haleakala Zipline (zipline on a ranch on the slopes of Haleakala Volcano after watching the Sunrise and Biking down to the Zipline location; includes RT transportation!$249.00 before our Maui Ziplines Discount. On this Sunrise Bike and Zip line Tour we offer $20.00 off P.P. !)
Bike ride down the slopes of Haleakala volcano, then go Ziplining! 

Looking for one of the longest ziplines on Maui? Try Kapalua or Piiholo Ziplines. Both Maui Zipline Tours offer side by side, hands free ziplining with an automatic breaking system. So easy, no thinking needed, simply enjoy the ride.
My Friend Mary in Red and Me (Athena) on the left...

Discounted Canopy Ziplines are all the rage now days! One Maui Zipline Canopy Tour even has the new "QuickJump" similar to bungee jumping, only slower...

For more ideas and information, plus discounts on Maui Hawaiian Zipline Tours; Call Maui Zipline Tickets at 808-879-6260 Toll Free.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Kaanapali introduces 9 Line Zip n Dip Maui Ziplines!

Skyline Zipline is proud to announce the official opening of Kaanapali 9-line Zip N Dip Tour!! Starting this Monday, June 21st, Kaanapali Zip lines will be running their 9-line tour at 7:30am seven days a week!

June 21st will also mark a change in the order of the tour, the "dipping" zipline will be done at the end of all tours except the 2:30pm 4-line tour - where it will happen at the beginning. 

The 9-line tour will last approximately 4.5 hours and retails at $179.95 + tax.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Kaanapali Dip n' Dip Zipline

Splash into Maui's newest Zipline Adventure!

Kaanapali Zip n' Dip Ziplines offers panoramic Ocean Views, 4-9 Ziplines with a freshwater pond zipline and swim!

Fun in hte sun with Kaanapali Zipline's Zip n Dip adventure
Kaanapali Zip n' Dip Zipline Adventure
The all new Maui Zip n’ Dip excursion

4 ZIPLINE Adventure: including the Zip n’ Dip line, side-by-side line

and 2 new adventure lines.  $139.00 Allow 3 Hours of your time. 

Kaanapali Ziplines Tours new Zip n Dip zipline HawaiiKaanapali Zipline guests will be able to spend 45 minutes of water time fun at a natural mountain pool zipping right into the fresh water pond; you may also swim, stand-up paddle board, or simply relax while taking in the sweeping panoramic ocean views. 

After enjoying swimming and zipping at this private mountain pool, guests will be able to dry off
(fyi: bring your own towels) before getting harnessed up and heading over to the Kaanapali zipline adventure course.

Kaanapali has a new 'side by side' zipline to make a 9 Zipline course.

Every Kaanapali zipline boasts incredible views of the West Maui coastline, and the islands of Lanai and Molokai. The Maui Zip n’ Dip is the perfect way to soak up some Maui fun!

Call for Tickets and Reservations 808-879-6260

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Maui's Newest Canopy Tour

Twin Falls Ziplines

We have sent several clients out to Twin Falls ziplines and everyone is coming back very happy! 

Located in Haiku, in the jungle! Very tropical with ferns and streams.  This is an ideal zipline to do while traversing the road to Hana.  A bit of adventure before the long drive to Hana or on your way to jump in the waterfalls at either Twin Falls or the many waterfalls along the Hana Hwy. 

Call 808-879-6260 for Tickets and Reservations 
Twin Falls Zipline Ticekts and reservations

The Twin Falls Zip line Canopy Tour traverses a tropical valley on the North Shore of Maui Hawaii, an area known since ancient times as Waipio. With soaring platforms built into majestic trees, accentuated by arching swinging bridges and state of the art Zipline design and construction. (safety is a good thing...)

The ZIPLINES at Twin Falls ARE SHORT AND SWEET! The 4 line course is only 1.5 hours  long, while the 7 line course is about 2.5 hours long. (a lot of Maui Zipline Tours offer 3.5-5 hour Zip line flights)

"The Twin Falls Maui Zipline course promises the best of Hawaii zip line adventure tours, serene and thrilling at once."

Thursday, May 1, 2014

What to look for in a Zipline Tour

Maui has seen an increase in Hawaii Zipline Tour Companies in the last few years. We have compiled a list of the best zipline tour companies here on Maui.

Maui Zipline Tours; Kaanapali Ziplines View
Kaanapali Zipline /Skyline Tours
  • Ocean Views: 2 Maui Zipline Tours offer panoramic Ocean Views!! Kapalua ziplines and Kaanapali Skyline Zipline.
  • How long is each zipline: from the shortest Zipline of 250ft to the longest zipline to longer ziplines going 2100 ft, 2300 ft, 2800 ft all the way to 3600 ft.! 
  • How many ziplines will I be doing on a Tour (you would be surprised at how many people think you only get 1 Zipline crossing on a Tour) : 2-8 ziplines, depending on the tour and zipline operator. 
  • Lunch : Only 1 Zipline Tour now offers Lunch (also with panoramic views :). Kapalua Ziplines.
  • Side by Side Ziplines: 2 people zipline side by side; this is a great way to take photo and video of each other as you zip line accross the canyons and ravines of Hawaii. Maui Ziplines is side by side,  and Piiholo Ziplines and Kapalua Ziplines were both built by the same company,  so they both offer 'side by side' zip line flights' as well as full harnesses and the same 'breaking system'.  
  • Harness: Kapalua and Piiholo have a 'full harness' outfit you wear, while Haleakala ziplines, Kaanapali ziplines, North Shore ziplines and Twin Falls Ziplines all have a smaller harness or straps.
  • How long do the Tours go: Allow at least 1 hour, to 5 hours at the longest zipline course on Maui.
    Harness at Kaanapali Zipline Tours
Looking for Romantic things to do in Maui? Kapalua zip lines offers Panoramic ocean views, side by side zipline tour and includes Lunch!

Bringing the family to Hawaii? Maui has a couple of family and child friendly zipline tours. Maui Zipline Tours is centrally located on Maui, at the Maui Tropical Plantation.  Maui Ziplines weight limit is 50-250 lbs.  No other Maui Zipline Tour offers a smaller weight size. For Safety all Maui Zipline Tour operators are usually 60-75 lbs up to a maximum of 250-280 lbs.

Maui Ziplines also offers side by side ziplining, so a parent can go with a child.